Sushi Express Trial

G7 summit conference is now beimng held in one of the small villages in Japan.

I am sure that not only by Japanese government but also by a local railway company can invite VIPs from outside of our country therefore we Isumi rail is now planning to operate special train for FIT, forign individual tourists, in this summer.

It is named Sushi Express served with Lobster and fresh sea food Sushi dishes, Tempura, salad as a fixed-menu in the nostalgic train in Chiba pref. in Japan which is located only 1 hour from Tokyo city and Narita airport.

All food served in this train will be delivered from local area vicinity of Isumi rail Chiba pref. with Japanese sake which is also brewed by local.

Today we made a trial run of this Sushi Express in our rail load and I would like to show you what sort of meals served in this trial run.

Famous photographer Mr. Masatoki Minami, Rail journalist Mr. Yoshiyuki Kekke, Mr. Eiji Ikeguchi and other members concerning to travel industries and press were invited of this trial run.

All maneuvers of technical required of this operation went well on the moving train.

Please have a look at some photos shown as follows.

This Sushi Express will be operated in August and in September.

For reservation, please give us a time to arrange a final confirmation with service providers.
Further notice will be made on the end of June.

This course costs JPY16000- per pax including tax.
We are looking forward to seeing you on board.
Thank you very much.
President of Isumi Rail